Community health and development organization - LIGHT

General Introduction
Institute for Development and Community Health – LIGHT is a non government, non profit organisation committed to continued public development and improving health and living quality for the disadvantaged people throughout Vietnam.

In 1995, Reproductive Health Information and Assistance Centre was established to conduct research and support the implementation of community health care policy.

In 2003, with some experiences and initial achievements and the practical needs for enlarging the scope of work, RHIAC developed into Centre for Community Health and Development – LIGHT registering under the Vietnam Un ion of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA) according to Decision No. 678/TC-LHH of VUSTA.

The period from 2004 through 2009 witnessed the growth of the Centre for Community Health Development – LIGHT significantly in terms of scale, quality and scope of work. As a result, it turned into the Institute for Development and Community Health – LIGHT in 2009 according to Decision No. 716/QD-LHH of VUSTA.


Our vision is of a society of safety, justice, and hope – a society where the disadvantaged are empowered to have a voice, everyone has rights and opportunities to enjoy better health and social wellbeing.

LIGHT is committed to achieving the highest level of dignity for all.

‘LIGHT for better LIFE’


We serve disadvantaged groups through our programs, which aim to improve their quality of life, sexual and reproductive health and social wellbeing. Based on their needs and concerns, we act as a bridge between them and available social and community resources, ensuring that these are used in a transparent and effective way.

Our work involves:
-    Building capacity for organisations and individuals so they can plan and make decisions about their own lives;
-    Generating positive change through community participation, advocacy and policy implementation at all levels;
-    Creating innovative models that support community development and sustainability;
-    Building strong partnerships and networks at community, national and international levels.


LIGHT is defined by and works according to the following core values:

-    Empowerment and participation – everyone should have the right to participate in  making decisions about their future;
-    Respect and non-judgement – all work and relationships should be rooted in mutual respect  and compassion;
-    Equality – all people have abilities and should enjoy equal opportunities to develop them;
-    Collaboration – through learning from each other we can achieve the best;
-    Professionalism- all our work should be based on commitment, effort and a professional approach.


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